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Welcome to Yore Supply!

Producer of innovative products for Civil War era weapons


2nd Generation Rubber Smith Tube

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After much development we are proud to offer a new and improved version of our popular Rubber Smith Tube.


  • Stiffer rubber, similar feel to black plastic tubes
  • Holds bullet tighter
  • Less tacky, will slide in and out of gun easier
  • Seals better


Shell & Tube Sharps Cartridge

  (launched in 2005)

The Shell & Tube Sharps cartridge is for use with the Sharps Carbine and Rifle. The original ammunition for these weapons was a treated paper tube attached to the rear tail of the bullet. For skirmishes and enthusiasts making these cartridges can be time consuming and expensive. The Shell & Tube Cartridge allows you to load and fire your Sharps without having to make up paper cartridges.

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Rubber Smith Tube

  (launched in 2010)

The Rubber Smith Tube is for use with the Smith Carbine. The original ammunition for this weapon was a tube made from India rubber. Due to the design of the Smith Carbine the cartridge tube is required to expand and seal the chamber to prevent the gas from escaping through the joint in the breach. Our Rubber Smith Tubes are the closest thing to an original rubber cartridge tube that you can get. The tube expands to seal the chamber completely just like the original cartridge tube, but unlike the original tubes ours can be reused many times.

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