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Picture of Smith Tubes with Liner

Price: $0.70 each

Minimum Order 25

Shipping & Handling:

$7.80 - 100pcs or less

$14.20 - over 100pcs

S&H International Orders

Picture of Tube w/Liner dimensions Made in USA

Order Online with: PayPal Icon

(Minimum Order 25)

Order By Mail: (US Addresses Only)

To order print and fill out the below form and mail to address on form with your check or money order.

Yore Supply Order Form Picture of pdf icon


  • Specifically designed for Competition Shooting
  • Keeps breach clean and free from fouling for easily cleaning between relays
  • Long Life, Over 25 shots
  • No need to resize. Returns to original size everytime
  • Bright Orange color makes it easy to find when picking up your emptys
  • Brass Liner keeps flash hole the same size for the life of the tube

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